General Conditions
All of our deliveries to individuals or companies are governed exclusively by the following terms and conditions:
The terms and conditions of concerning the orders, payments and deliveries in our website comply with the conditions set out in the Consumer protection law., run by the Rival 04 Ltd., meets all the legal requirements to operate with customers in the Republic of Bulgaria or in the countries of the EU. is an authorized dealer of the brands offered online, all of which are of guaranteed origin and quality. guarantees that the ordered products do not have any defects.
The general terms and conditions of the orders, the delivery and the payment of comply with the conditions set out in the Consumer Protection Law.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By using this website (hereinafter referred to as and the services offered by Rival 04 Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Trader), the consumer, (hereinafter referred to as the Client) agrees to be bound by this Agreement, whether the Client is a "Visitor" (which means that the Client simply browses the Website) or the Client is a "Member" (which means that the Client has registered on the Website as a user).
If the Client do not accept the terms of this Agreement, they should leave immediately. We may modify this Agreement from time to time, and such modification shall be effective upon its posting on The Client agrees to be bound by any modification to this Agreement when they use after any such modification is posted; it is therefore important that the Client reviews this Agreement regularly.
By using, the Client is obliged to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions, and other conditions established by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the international law, even if not specifically mentioned in these conditions. is not responsible if the Client has not read and is not familiar with these terms and conditions.
The Client is obliged to pay the purchase price of the products purchased by him, and the transportation costs, not included in the product price.
The whole content on this website such as text, graphics, logos, button icons and images, is a property of Rival 04 Ltd. The use of this content is allowed only with the written permission from Rival 04 Ltd. The copyright over the logos and the names of the brands is a property of the manufacturers.

The unauthorized use or distribution of any material from may be subject to civil and criminal liability under the applicable laws.


Registration is not required when purchasing goods from Registration gives Client the right to track the status of their order, to participate in upcoming promotions and to use all the services of
Registration is free. When filling the registration form, the Client must provide complete and accurate information about their identity and other required data. stores your personal data only for the purpose of the normal functioning of the online store (in terms of delivery, warranty maintenance, communication). keeps your personal data confidential and do not disclose it to third parties.
The Client bears full responsibility for the protection of their username and password and for all acts performed by them or by a third party. 
The Client is entitled to access, when they meet the conditions and requirements for access set by In order to submit valid requests for purchasing our products, the Client should apply their email and password.

In case that the Client has committed malicious actions, has the right to provide their personal information to the competent state authorities in accordance with the current legislation.

Personal Data

When collecting the necessary data from the Client, follows the rules and the principles from this section for the storage of personal data under the current law on personal data protection. is committed to protect the Client’s personal data and to keep it confidential. gets information from the Client so that we could process their orders correctly and efficiently. reserves the right to change the rules on the Client’s personal data protection if needed and to inform them after this happen. does not disclose, sell, exchange, give or share in any way with third parties or companies the Client’s personal data.
The only possible exception is when the Client has been informed and has given their implicit approval for the disclosure of their personal information, or when this is required by the applicable law and /or for the protection of and its customers from criminal actions that could endanger the security of the above, but always in compliance with current legislation.

Rights and Obligations

Every registered user is bound by these terms and conditions for the entire period of using the site, from the initial entry to his departure.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Client:

- The Client must comply with the Bulgarian legislation, these Terms, the Internet ethics, morality and decency;
- The Client must not break others’ property or property rights, including intellectual property;
- The Client must not interfere with the proper operation of the system, he must not spoil the procedure of identification of another client, the Client must not prevent other customers from using the website, and he must not use the in a way that would cause other clients to deny our services.
- The Client can not derive by technical means information or parts of information belonging to the databases located in and thus does not create their own database in electronic or other form.
- The Client must not represent another person or a representative of a legal group if he is not authorized to represent them. The Client must not mislead others about their identity or affiliation to a certain group of persons;
- The Client can not perform malicious actions under these conditions.

If the Client fail to comply with the obligations mentioned above, has the right to suspend the Client’s access to their profile immediately and without a notice. In such cases has the right to claim compensation for the damages and the lost profit being a direct and immediate result from the Client’s actions. In these cases, has the right to raise the issues before the state authorities.
The Client may ask at any time to delete their profile. 

Rights and Responsibilities of

- does not have the obligation and the ability to control the way the Client uses the services, provided by Rival 04 Ltd.
- has the right at any time and without a notice to suspend or change the provided services to the Client, if the latter violates these conditions.
- is not responsible for the damages and the lost profits of the Client or a third party due to the termination, suspension, modification or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages , materials or information, made available through the website.
- After receiving the payment, Rival 04 Ltd. shall transfer the Client the ownership of the purchase. Rival 04 Ltd. is obliged to check each item for damages before it is sent (In case that this is possible without compromising the integrity of the package’s seal).
- Rival 04 Ltd. is not responsible if the product information, provided by the manufacturer, is inaccurate. 
- Rival 05 Ltd. has the right to collect and use information about the Client, whether they are registered or not.

When making changes in these terms and conditions, Rival 04 Ltd. is obliged to inform the Client by sending a message on their e -mail and/or by posting the new information on
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