Contrabanda Varna – SALE!
Contrabanda Varna – SALE! Contrabanda – Smuggling Fun Since 2004.

Come to Contrabanda Varna, check out our brands (Vans, Volcom, Nike SB, etnies, Skullcandy, Neff, Emerica, eS, Altamont, Protest, Electric and others) and enjoy our SUMMER SALE.

Our consultants will help you find exactly what you need.

You can find us at 18 Baba Rada Str. just behind Cherno More Hotel. 

Mobile: +359 884959396

See the map here: 
VANS x Bulgaria Tattoo Expo Charity Auction
VANS x Bulgaria Tattoo Expo Charity Auction
You may have noticed that during Bulgaria Tattoo Expo, in the VANS booth, tattoo artists painted on the classic slip-on shoes. And the result was more than impressive – from the pictures below you will see that the sneakers have turned into pieces of art.

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo and VANS start a charity auction for the shoes and the money generated from it will go to a truly noble cause – it will help the Rozhen Observatory (Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory). 

To take part in the auction, just put your suggested price under the picture of the shoes that you’d like to purchase. The starting price of every pair will be 130 Bulgarian Leva.

Deadline for the charity auction: May 1st (Sunday) 2016.

Take part in the auction here - CLICK!

Huge thanks to all the artists who participated in the initiative:

Simona Savova
Danilo Rotolo (Inscripta Tattoo)
Anna Dimcheva
Lyubomir Mochkov
Giorgos Kourmas (TOK Tattoo)
Enrico Way (Inchiotsro Rosso Tattoo)
Sharon L ...
Varna Skate Open 2014
Varna Skate Open 2014 On 08.30.2014 - 31.08.2014 and Saturday - Sunday in the Sea Garden of Varna (the alley behind the "Casino") will be held the traditional skateboarding competition "Varna Skateboard Open 2014" organized by "Skate Club Varna". The event is a round of the national championship in skateboarding and is supported by both the Bulgarian Skateboard Federation and the Municipality. 

The race will start at 10:00 and continue until 23:00 on both days. It will be held in three rounds - qualification, semifinal and final major, along with this there will be a contest for best trick. The expected number of participants is over 100, including boys and girls aged from 8 years to 35 years, mainly from Bulgaria and demonstrations are invited guest skaters from abroad. They are supported by numerous visitors and supporters of skateboarding came from all over the country for the event. 

Sea Garden in Varna is a place where many young people together with different interests and therefore apart fro...
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